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It's here, it's as dizzyingly dense with skateboarding from across the culture's history as ever, and is somehow even better than the previous issues. Again, where to start???... A fitting tribute to the much missed Gary Warnett, a 1994 Tony Hawk interview, J Grant Brittain replies to a photographic submission to Transworld in 1993, Tim Leighton Boyce's English Skateboard Association newsletter and an interview with Tim from Don Brider's Jammer Magazine, a Harold Hunter R.A.D interview, fan photos and letters sent to John Lucero in the 1980s, a 1994 article on the Death of Jeff Phillips from Rolling Stone Magazine, Jaggers bedroom and so much more. Contributions from a huge cast including David Carson, Bobby Puleo, Wynn Miller, Grant Brittain, Andy Jenkins, Jake Rosenberg, Glenn Miyoda, Stuart Maclure, John Lucero, and many, many more.

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A 94 page collection from 1967 - 2016 of photos, letters, interviews, faxes, adverts, zines, articles and artwork including Lance Mountain replying to a 22 year old fan letter, a piece on Vans produced with The Other Side Of The Pillow's Henry Davies, including Kristy Van Doren interviewing her grandfather and co-founder of Vans Paul Van Doren, the most insane letter from 1978, sent by Stacy Peralta to the South Coast pro James Davies, a 2001 letter from an incarcerated Jay Adams to Todd Huber, a Sean Cliver interview, a Chicago section, Blaize Blouin, a collection of David Scott's photos from Venice Beach taken from 1977-1987 and so much more.

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An interview with Neil Blender from a 1984 issue of Don Brider's Jammer' zine. A letter to the Livingston council about the development of a skatepark in the town from the early 80s. Curtis McCann's check-out from Transworld. An invite letter to the Upland Pro-Am finals of 1979 from Henry Hester. A Gonz interview from Freestylin Mag and so much more.