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Tennis Hunter Hoodie


Available in Grey with Purple print, Grey with Maroon print, Navy with White print

Gildan Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt with Front pouch pocket

Shipping from end Feb 2024

Free shipping Worldwide 

'After my Nine Club episode, a lot of people inquired about the Hunter Tennis hoody I had on. A lot of folks wondered who made that, what brand it was, and why I was wearing it. Truth be told, I got it at a thrift store in Manhattan a few years back. I liked the dichotomy of"Hunter/Hunting", which can have somewhat negative/savage implications, and "tennis", which in my mind, usually appeals to a more genteel and refined audience. Can hunters play tennis, sure. I'm sure many do. To me, this sweatshirt represents dichotomy/ duality. Not necessarily opposites per say, but two far corners of what it means to be human. Anyhow, Hunter is one of the constituent colleges of the City University of New York, a public university in New York City. When I wear this sweatshirt, a lot of people ask me if la.) play tennis, or b.) went to Hunter. My reply is neither. I tell them I like the dichotomy/combination of hunting and tennis.'