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same old issue 24


It's here, it's as dizzyingly dense with skateboarding from across the culture's history as ever, and is somehow even better than the previous issues.

Again, where to start???... A fitting tribute to the much missed Gary Warnett, a 1984 Tony Hawk interview, J Grant Brittain replies to a photographic submission to Transworld in 1993, Tim Leighton Boyce's English Skateboard Association newsletter and an interview with Tim from Don Brider's Jammer Magazine, a Harold Hunter R.A.D interview, fan photos and letters sent to John Lucero in the 1980s, a 1994 article on the Death of Jeff Phillips from Rolling Stone Magazine, Jaggers bedroom and so much more.

Contributions from a huge cast including David Carson, Bobby Puleo, Wynn Miller, Grant Brittain, Andy Jenkins, Jake Rosenberg, Glenn Miyoda, Stuart Maclure, John Lucero, and many, many more.

As good as it gets, things like this are the reason that Palomino was started in the first place. Just buy yourself a copy now, it'll make your life better. I've enjoyed nothing more than this in the history of the shop. 

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 94 page, 21.5 X 30cm, full colour, no adverts, perfect bound