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same old issue 408


What a magazine this is!!

Same Old is back with issue 408. As always with Same Old there's such a huge amount to take in that even after reading everything once there will be much that rewards a second look, something that is especially applicable for this particular issue.

Those of you who have previous issues of Same Old will have an idea of what to expect from a new one, but even by Chris's standards this one is just a bewildering trip through skateboarding's rich and varied history with more than a hint of madness running throughout. It’s heavily tinged with Mark Gonzales, Tod Swank and J Grant Brittain weave in and out of the pages, and Mark Waters' 408 'zine is the glue that holds the (perfect bound) pages together.

As you come to expect from Same Old the list of contributors is a heady affair. Alongside the aforementioned, you will find Mike Hill, Richard Hughes' Curb Cuttings project, Bobby Puleo, Mike O'Meally, Miki Vuckovich, Greg Hunt, Mike Blabac, Nick Waplington, Dan Adams, and so many more.

Letters, postcards, imaginary advertising, photography, scans and anything/everything in between. It's another remarkable achievement solidifying Same Old's own utterly peerless place in skateboarding’s history.

108 full colour (and then some) uncoated pages, 21.5 X 30cm, perfect bound.

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